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Organic merino wool long sleeve t-shirt size M #130. Sold out



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Mtb/everyday long sleeve t-shirt size M, made with organic merino wool (made in Italy ), natural hand dyed by me with local Grevillea fresh leaves pomegranate peels (from a post consumer use), iron salt and natural no toxics pigments.

Measures : half chest: 54 cm, length: 72 cm, sleeve: 75 cm. The total length is measured from the base of the neck (right side, above the clavicle) at the end of the t-shirt. T-shirt has raglan sleeve is measured from the neck to the end of the sleeve.

– size M,  weight of fabric 180 g/m²
– 95% merino wool + 5% elastane
– fabric stretch out of 6-8 cm
– raglan sleeve

This one in the photo is an M, but i can do a similar version from a 6XS to a 4XL .

The majority of my dyes are obtained from a use of a post consumer vegetable waste the other are from local whole plants (not extracts) mediterranean plants, natural organic pigments from soil and minerals and no toxic metals. Every individual plant and minerals imparts a unique and unrepeatable color depending on the soil, sun, rain, harvest time, water quality and temperature involved in the growing and processing.

Designed and natural dyed by me, cut sewn and embroidered in two small laboratories here in Barcelona.

For any answer please write me an email to

All orders are shipped with UPS Express directly to your home address.
Delivery status (  Europe: 1-2 work days

How to take care of your garment:

  • Ph neutral soap like marseille and eco ones are the best.
  • If you use the washing machine choose a delicate cycle.
  • My suggestion is to hand wash and dry it naturally, never at direct sunlight, or not for many hours, sun a natural bleach.
  • White wine and lemon juice could potentially bleach the fabric.


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