Maad dyeing process

How the magic happens
The process of dyeing is done in 2/3 days (depending the plants used) and if you don’t know here’s the process:

  1. Wash- scour the fabric.
  2. Go to pick up plants (some has to be fresh).
  3.  Boil the fabric with a mordant ( I use a natural salt that is called Aluminium potassium sulfate (the same you can buy in rock for deodorant)) for 1 hour and let in the pot for 12 hours.
  4. Prepare dyes : boil for 40 minutes to 1 hour and let the plants steep for overnight.
  5. Steam with the leaves (sometimes after sometimes before).
  6. Put in the pot with the dye bath and “cook “ from 1 to 3 hours or steep overnight depending of the dye.
  7. Wash the jersey with a natural ph soap….dry at air.
  8. Iron the jersey.
  9. Sew the cotton label.
  10. Fill in the label with the dyeing data.
  11. Pack ( with a recycle or/and fsc certificate paper ) and send.

The majority of my dyes are obtained from a use of a post consumer vegetable waste (from organic , vegan restaurant and floral artists) the other are from local whole plants (not extracts) and the rest are mediterranean plants.

The majority of the colors are seasonal, so I will present at the start of the season the natural palette I can/want do.

Colors from avocado (peels and bones) and onion skins are available all the year because deriving from a use of post-consumer food waste .

If you live in Barcelona you can (if you want) go and pick up by yourself the leaves from your favorite tree.

The colors in many case is not uniform, but in these imperfections we can see the perfection of nature. I follow the philosophy “perfection is imperfection “  as a japanese ceramist says, that you have study a lot for make a perfect product, but after that you have arrive at this point , you have to do something to broke this boring perfection.