Natural Dyes: Our Global Heritage Of Colours

I have always been in love with fabrics since I was very young. Studying and deepening in the ancient dyeing art, I realized that it is a knowledge, a culture, a heritage that we cannot lose.

I want to preserve this knowledge but also to ferry it into the modern world using the highest quality materials, techniques that safeguard the planet and respect the people who produce them. All this in my opinion should become a standard

You will go faster with MÃÄD

When i dye a cloth with plants, I’m not only producing a beautiful colour, but I’m impregnating the fibers with all the different qualities of the plant. You are not only use a t-shirt or a jersey but a garment with therapeutically proprieties that can range from sun protection or healing qualities like relief for skin condition, immune system and energy booster, mood enhancer, overall well-being, resistance to bacterial growth, odour control and many more, so by using MAAD you will be happier, healfier and you will end up riding faster, PR are guaranteed.

Natural dyeing and terroir

The only thing to do, the most sustainable and sometimes the most daring when producing something is to tell about your territory. “Terroir” derives from the Latin terra, but it does not mean the land but the territory. I discovered this beautiful word full of meaning lately, while approaching the world of natural wines. Since 2016 I decided to use mostly local plants of the area where I live, as an italian living in Spain I have always considered myself very lucky to be born and live in the Mediterranean area. I have always loved plants such as rosemary, broom, holm oak, strawberry tree,  juniper … In short, all those typical of the “macchia mediterrana” with its incredible colors and smells. In Barcelona I was very surprise, however, to find plants from other climatic regions that had adapted well to the territory, so it was natural for me to include them in my work.
I want my garment to be recognized from afar. That it is not a logo that makes it recognized, but that the union of the expression of my territory and myself do it. Once, a well-known Italian art critic Philippe Daverio said that in art the french invented beauty, italians invented emotion. Even in this I realized that I am italian. My t-shirts doesn’t look good in photos, they are very difficult to photograph but when you receive them, you realize that every square inch is different; the fabric is precious to the hand and it has a different scent with natural colors that our eyes are no longer used to seeing, it is not only beautiful but has many more layers of perceptions. I never wanted to do something nice but something that expresses the power of nature, which is the only true artist.

Eco energy

The energy that is used to dye each single Mãäd garment, comes only from renewable sources and is managed by a local cooperative.

Ecological Soap

We only use ecological home-made soaps or sourced from local ecological shops, the ph of your skin and that of the planet are always a priority for Mãäd.

Eco packaging

Our paper mail bags without lettering are reusable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. They are made in United Kingdom.