My name is Francesca Galli, but everyone call me Franka, cause i’m frank. Mãäd is an acrimonious that means My Ancient Affairs dyed, that because when i was young i’ve always loved fabrics, cooking and enjoying nature. Mãäd is a natural dyeing project born 2016. I’ve dyed all kind of natural fabrics and in august 2017, i’ve decided to create a brand of cycling apparel and unisex street wear. This clothing brand is realised using merino wool, bamboo viscose and pine viscose. They are designed, natural hand dyed by me and cut, sewn and embroidered in two smalls laboratories. All these processes are made in Barcelona. The fabrics and thread are made in Europe, zippers elastic and band are made in Spain. The dyes are obtained by using no toxics minerals, local whole plants or flowers (not extracts) and an up cycling of a post consumer food waste (i collaborate with vegan, organic restaurant and floral artist who donate me vegetables and fruits peels or plants from hotels)